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  1. AOR AR-5700D

    AOR AR-5700D


    9kHz-3.7GHz, Digital Communications Receiver

    Don't Pay $8699.00 Elsewhere
    Competitor Drops Price By $2000.00
    Who Is Ripping Who Off.

    In Stock

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    Professional Grade Receiver Learn More
  3. AOR AR-DV1

    AOR AR-DV1


    Multi-mode Digital Voice Receiver

    Learn More
  4. AOR AR-DV10

    AOR AR-DV10


    Advanced Multi-mode, Wide-band 100kHz to 1300MHz SDR Digital Receiver

    In Stock

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    Communications Receiver

    In Stock

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  6. AOR AR2300

    AOR AR2300


    PC Controlled Receiver. Learn More
  7. AOR AR5001D

    AOR AR5001D


    Communications Receiver

    In Stock

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  8. AOR AR6000

    AOR AR6000


    Professional Grade 40kHz-6GHz Wide Range Receiver

    In Stock

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  9. AOR AR8200-MK3

    AOR AR8200-MK3


    Hand-held receiver
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  10. AOR AR8600-MK2

    AOR AR8600-MK2


    Base/Mobile receiver

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  11. AOR AR8600-MK2 (APCO 25)

    AOR AR8600-MK2 (APCO 25)


    Base/Mobile receiver (P-25 Board Included)

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  12. AOR ARD300

    AOR ARD300


    Multi Digital Voice Decoder

    Deposit Not Required, In Stock Now

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  13. AOR SR2000A

    AOR SR2000A


    25MHz-3000MHz, DSP Powered spectrum display

    In Stock

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  14. AOR SR2200

    AOR SR2200


    Computer Controlled Receiver Learn More
  15. Icom IC-R30 Receiver

    Icom IC-R30 Receiver


    Digital/Analog Wideband Communications Receiver

    Now In Stock

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  16. Icom IC-R8600

    Icom IC-R8600


    Wide-band SDR Receiver

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  17. Icom IC-R9500

    Icom IC-R9500


    Dual DSP Multi Mode Wideband Receiver Learn More
  18. SDRPlay RSP1A

    SDRPlay RSP1A


    SDR PC Based Receiver

    Learn More
  19. SDRplay RSPduo

    SDRplay RSPduo


    Dual Tuner 14-bit SDR Receiver

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  20. SDRplay RSPdx

    SDRplay RSPdx


    Multi antenna port, 14 Bit SDR receiver

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20 Item(s)

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