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Dipole & Wire Antennas

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  1. Diamond HFV330

    Diamond HFV330


    H.F. Dipole Antenna

    Learn More
  2. Diamond HFV40

    Diamond HFV40


    40m Dipole Antenna

    Learn More
  3. Diamond HFV5

    Diamond HFV5


    Dipole Base Antenna 40m/20m/15m/10m/6m

    Learn More
  4. Diamond W-721

    Diamond W-721


    Base Antenna Wire 40m/15m Learn More
  5. Diamond W-735

    Diamond W-735


    Base Antenna, Wire 80m/40m Learn More
  6. Diamond W-8010

    Diamond W-8010


    Base Antenna Wire 80m/40m/20/15m/10m Learn More
  7. Diamond WD330

    Diamond WD330


    Base Antenna Wire Dipole 2 to 30MHz Learn More
  8. Diamond WD330S

    Diamond WD330S


    Base Antenna Wire Dipole 2 to 28.6 MHz Learn More
  9. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1742

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1742


    20m Extended Double Zepp Antenna

    Learn More
  10. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1774
  11. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1777

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1777


    All Band Doublet, 160-6m, 1.5kW

    Learn More
  12. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1778

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1778


    G5RV Wire Antenna Learn More
  13. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1778M

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1778M


    G5RV Junior Antenna Learn More
  14. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1779A

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1779A


    160m Dipole Antenna, 265ft long

    Learn More
  15. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1779B

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1779B


    80-40m Dipole Antenna, Single Band, 135ft long

    Learn More
  16. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1779C

    MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1779C


    20-6M Dipole, Single band, 35ft long

    Learn More
  17. Yaesu YA-30

    Yaesu YA-30

    Regular Price: $594.00

    Special Price: $475.00

    Broadband H.F. antenna Learn More

17 Item(s)

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