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  1. Diamond SS500

    Diamond SS500


    0.5-500Mhz Splitter/Combiner for Receiving Learn More
  2. Diamond SS-AIR

    Diamond SS-AIR


    SS-AIR 1: 1.6-400MHz / 1.0-1.3GHz (Receive Only)

    Learn More
  3. Diamond MX-72N

    Diamond MX-72N


    Duplexer HF/144/430MHz

    Learn More
  4. Diamond MX-72H

    Diamond MX-72H


    Duplexer HF/144/430MHz Learn More
  5. Diamond MX-72D

    Diamond MX-72D


    Duplexer HF/144/430Mhz Learn More
  6. Diamond MX-72A

    Diamond MX-72A


    MX-72A HF/144/430Mhz Learn More
  7. Diamond MX-62N

    Diamond MX-62N


    Duplexer 1.6-56MHz and 76-470MHz (76 to 120MHz for receiving only)

    Learn More
  8. Diamond MX-62M

    Diamond MX-62M


    Duplexer 1.6 to 56MHz, 76 to 470MHz Learn More
  9. Diamond MX-610M

    Diamond MX-610M


    Duplexer HF/144/430 Mhz Learn More

9 Item(s)

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