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Yaesu FTM-100DR 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver.

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Yaesu FTM-100DR 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver.

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Quick Overview

C4FM/FM Analog 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver


An easy-to-read graphical interface and user-friendly operation via a full dot-matrix display

The full dot-matrix display, provides magnifi cent image reproduction. The
various screens and icons permit rapid access to operating parameters,
menu setting, GPS, APRS location and message functions.

FM friendly digital operation made possible by AMS

You have the choice between of three digital modes using the C4FM protocol, as well as an
analog FM mode. The digital modes make effective use of the 12.5 kHz bandwidth for
high-quality voice communication, image transmission, messages and data exchange
features to accommodate many new operating features.

AMS (Automatic Mode Select)

C4FM Digital products from Yaesu, feature integrated support for C4FM Digital modes,
for analog communication, Intenet communication, and more. Thanks to the
combination of FM friendly design and the AMS function which automatically selects the
best mode in any given situation, the user can enjoy optimal performance without worrying
about digital vs. analog FM selection.

V/D Mode (Voice/Data Simultaneous Communication Mode)

The digital voice signal is transmitted using one half of the bandwidth.
Simultaneously the other half of the 12.5 kHz bandwidth channel is used
for error correction the audio signal and the accompanying data. The V/D
Digital mode provides the ideal balance of error correction and audio
quality with the Digital Clear Voice technology developed for C4FM digital.

Voice FR Mode (Voice Full Rate Mode)

This mode uses the full 12.5 kHz bandwidth to transmit digital voice data.
The increased audio data permits high quality voice communication.

Data FR Mode (High Speed Data Communication Mode)

This high-speed data communication mode uses the full 12.5 kHz
bandwidth for data communication. The switches to Data FR mode
when transmitting Snapshot pictures, and can be used to transmit large
quantities of data at high speed.

The FTM-100D supports WIRES-X, an Internet communication system for amateur radio

Connect the FTM-100D to a WIRES-X node station and enjoy worldwide
long-distance communications on VHF/UHF bands via the Internet.
WIRES-X is an Internet communication system for Amateur radio. In addition
to high quality voice communication based on C4FM digital technology,
WIRES-X incorporates user-friendly internet linking features, such as the
node ID display and the room activity monitor display. Advanced features
include Internet News Station and image data transmission.
The FTM-100D may be connected to the optional HRI-200 WIRES-X Internet Linking Kit
to easily establish a WIRES-X node station. The FTM-100D is ideally suited
for use in a node station, also the display backlight can be turned off.

Support for Sophisticated C4FM Digital Functions

Digital GM Function (Digital Group Monitor Function)

The digital GM function automatically makes known when members registered to a GM are
within communication range. The distance, direction and call sign are shown on the screen.
The GM function facilitates the exchange of location data, messages and images between active GM group members.

Smart Navigation Function

Real-time navigation function enables location checking at any time

Digital V/D Mode communicates the location data simultaneously with the digitized voice signal,
allowing you to view the distance, direction, and call sign of the received station in real time
while communicating. This makes it possible to confi rm your position and the other station in situations while
hiking and driving, where the positions are constantly changing, providing an easy way to meet or join routes.

A variety of features that ensures ease of use

  • C4FM Digital 12.5 kHz Bandwidth
  • V/D Mode, Voice FR Mode, Data FR Mode and Analog FM
  • AMS (Automatic Mode Select) function automatically recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM
  • Smart Navigation*1
  • Digital Group Monitor
  • Supports advanced VoIP amateur radio WIRES-X
  • Easily establish a WIRES-X node station (Optional HRI-200 is required.)
  • High RF Output Power 50 W/ 20 W/ 5 W on the 144/430 MHz bands
  • 160 x 40 dots Full Dot Matrix Display with White LED Back Light
  • Built-in 66 channel GPS Antenna (Front Panel)
  • Receiving and Forwarding Image Data*2
  • DSQ (Digital Squelch Code) Signaling Feature
  • 1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® Function
  • Wideband Receive for 108 MHz
  • 999.99 MHz (cellular frequencies blocked)*3
  • Bright multi-colored Mode/Status Indicator vibrantly displays the transceivers status
  • microSD Card Slot
  • High Stability ±2.5 ppm TCXO Included
  • Bluetooth® Hands-free operation (Optional BU-2 and BH-2A are required.)
  • Voice Guide and Recording Function (Optional FVS-2 is required.)

*1 Backtrack Function is not supported.

*2 The MH-85A11U Camera Microphone cannot be connected.

*3 Simultaneous reception on A bands and B bands is not supported.

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