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Parallel Imports

Removal Of Original Serial Numbers.

Could it be that these radios are stolen?

After 21 years in the business you hear all sorts of weird and wonderful things, of which the Great Serial Number Scam has got to be the best one of the lot.

It is well known that a certain parallel importer (Andrews Communications) actually removes original serial numbers from products and replaces the original serial number with their own, either hand written, or Dymo type serial numbers, why might you ask ? This is a very good question, one for which only they know the answer too. In the past he has actually bragged about doing this for years on his website, like he is doing nothing wrong. There is no valid reason to remove any serial number from any product unless the product is stolen or you have thoughts of running some type of scam with these goods. It just goes to show what sort of shonky and untrustworthy retailers are around in the market place. It may also be illegal by law under section 52 of the Trade Practices Act, (Misleading or deceptive conduct).

If you have purchased a radio from a parallel importer, then maybe you should check your serial number to see if it has been replaced, if it has, do you feel like you have been ripped off, or do you have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have dealt with a not so reputable retailer, I know I would feel like I had been ripped off.

If I had purchased one of these units with the original serial number removed, then I would be wanting my money back, as your retailer has mislead you on your purchase.

You can feel easy and rest assured that your local authorised dealer will NEVER remove original serial numbers.


As you can see by the images above, the original serial number has been modified.
The original serial number should be in the same colour and font as the rest of the original label.
I might add the customer who owns this IC-756PROIII is not impressed to discover he had been duped by Andrews Communications.

Authorised Dealers Versus Parallel Importers.

Important Note:
(Re: Icom and  Kenwood amateur radio products)


This page has not been received well by the many Australian parallel importers. In fact, the discussion on parallel importing has flared to the point where reasonable discussion has disappeared to be replaced by abusive and haranguing emails and content on various web sites. These emails and web sites have begun to take the form of verbal abuse with threats of legal action.

Why? The simple fact of the matter is that the details on this page are 100% truthful. The details revealed here are not what the parallel importers want you to be aware of.

I.e. they are NOT factory authorised dealers. Warranties look promising when they are offering a 12 month or 3 year warranty, due to their advertising methods you may be lead into the belief that they are actually authorised dealers, this is simply misleading. You, the customer, are being duped into making a purchase that is not backed or covered by a factory warranty.


For a complete list of Australian factory authorised dealers, please visit these links below.

Dealer Listing

Dealer Listing

This page in no way tries to undermine any companies listed below, everybody has their place in the Australian retail market, what this page does show is the difference between different retail companies and whether they are part of the Factory Authorised Dealer Network in Australia or not, this page is solely designed as a reference point, and to make you the customer, aware that any radio purchased from a non authorised dealer is actually at best second-hand.

What is an Authorised Dealer?

An authorised dealer is a company who has official approval to purchase and sell product from a supplier on their behalf, with the sole intent to represent that company in the retail market, and to offer backup support for that product if and when the need arises.

What is a Parallel Importer?

A parallel importer sources product from sources other than the originating supplier of the brand name product i.e. retail outlets or other sources overseas and then imports those products against the local agent and authorised retail outlet.

The Debate, Is It New Or Second-hand?

Authorised Dealer. (New Product)

The Authorised dealer is not the original owner of any products he or she purchases, as part of the dealer network, the authorised dealer has the right to sell on behalf of the originating company, ownership only passes onto the first buyer, that being you, the customer, so it is new when you walk into any authorised retail outlet to make a purchase.

The Parallel Importer. (second-hand dealer/product)

The Parallel Importer is normally the first owner of any gear, as they are not part of the authorised dealer network, when you purchase your transceiver from them you are the 2nd Owner, and in some cases the third owner, as the parallel importer has already purchased the product from the Authorized agent or a second-hand source overseas, hence the item becomes second-hand or third-hand in some instances when onsold to you, the customer. This is also the case if the parallel importer sources product from an authorised dealer in Australia, the product still becomes second-hand once they have purchased it as they are the first owner, if on sold to you then the item is second-hand.

The Great Retail Price Debate.

Firstly, and most important, pricing in Australia will always in most cases be more expensive as compared to most other places in the world, why you might ask, it all comes down to product turnover, as a general rule the more you buy and sell the cheaper the product becomes.

Australia doesn't have that luxury as compared to the rest of the world, look at the amateur operator population in Australia compared to anywhere else, we have as many amateurs in Australia as there are in California in the U.S. and that is only one of many states in the U.S. Look at Japan, 1 million plus amateur operators, this makes our 18,000 or so amateur Operators look Insignificant when it comes to buying power and pricing, i haven't even mentioned Europe.

Many competitors will try and tell you that pricing has parity around the world, that is just not true, prices are different all around the world for the same items for all the reasons mentioned above, Australia is not sheltered when it comes to this point, look at New Zealand, more expensive than Australia, why, not enough amateur operators and turnover, so buying power suffers with more expensive prices, as the local importers have high buy prices.

Customers in Australia have been buying second and third-hand equipment sold as new from many places, for many years, and you may not have even realized this, this equipment is sold with many quirky terms to fool you into thinking that what you are buying is new, this is not the case, some of these terms used by the parallel importers to fool you are, (new) of course, unopened, unused and brand new, this is a misnomer and this one simple fact needs to be bought to your attention, any Icom, Kenwood or Yaesu product purchased anywhere other than a authorised dealer is technically second-hand.

The simply fact is, if an authorised agent sells a radio at a similar price to the non authorised retailer, then the non authorised retailer is selling extremely expensive second-hand goods as compared to the current second-hand market.

Warranties For, And Against.

The Authorised Dealer

The authorised dealer or agent has the sole support of the companiess they represent, this has many benefits, apart from the factory backed warranty on offer, the dealer or agent is also privy to Service Bulletins and upgrades or technical updates, original parts and also a full workshop solely designed for that purpose, not to mention the years of experience dealing with the product and the ability to repair the product in timely fashion. Warranties are transferred to the new owner if your product is on sold within the warranty period.

The Parallel Importer. (second-hand dealer)

In all fairness there are some very good technicians around the market place, but you must stop and consider the parallel import is not privy to any of the above, they cannot supply a 3 year factory backed warranty, and are totally reliant on someone else fixing the product they sell, the back yard repairer is also not privy to the items mentioned above that the agent is, although the parallel importer will try and convince you they have good technicians to repair your product, it is just not the same as the authorised agent.

Other Useful Information.

The difference between Strictly Ham's Radio related products and most other suppliers is that Strictly Ham Pty Ltd, like many other authorised dealers, are part of the authorised dealer network, nearly all others import from overseas in some form, or at least have advertised that fact in some form, and their radio related products are not covered by factory warranty or factory service in Australia.

In Closing.

When it comes to purchasing new equipment, you should ask your local retailer, are you a part of the Factory Authorised Dealer Network. Like any new purchase, you would expect full warranty and not be misled with the promise of warranties that may or may not exist, or warranty that you have to pay extra $$$$ for.

Don't let the Parallel Importers try and fool you that Factory Warranty isn't important, it is, in fact there are very well known cases of those who have bought non authorised product (imported) only to find out that they have come unstuck when the unit has had a problem, don't become one of those casualties, research the product your about to buy, make an informed decision about what best suits you, and your needs.


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